1. I do Twitter. 


  2. Spock Rock



    Fellas! Looking to find a bitch? Nevermind Bootsy Bellows, all that hot YUNG puss be at Whole Foods!


  4. Sorry, Ma. #JewsforYEEZUS


  5. don’t mind me, just bleeding out of my fucking head. 


  6. It may comfort my old readers to learn that at 28 years old, I still get the feelies for K Stew.

    (Source: ohstewarts, via suicideblonde)


  7. with a week or so left in the year, this instrumental is just what I needed. I love @clammyclams 


  8. FYI - nothing makes my pussy wet like 90’s era Cirque Du Soleil.



  10. I wrote this for @NedHepburn a few months back and I really like it. It’s an amazing story of the things we do for the bands we love.