1. 22 Jump Street

    I don’t think anyone reads blogs anymore. Sad, but Tumblr isn’t really en vogue, and his since been replaced on the barometer of cool by Insta and Snapchat.

    I wanted to go somewhere to write about how wonderful it is to see a movie like 22 Jump Street, that while although a sequel, still maintains its narrative integrity. It was hilarious, jokes on top of jokes, some inside and others big and broad. 

    If you’re reading this, which you aren’t because nobody gives two flying fucks about Tumblr blogs any more, you should go see 22 Jump Street This Weekend. 

    Phil Lord and Chris Miller should write and direct everything. 


  2. I do Twitter. 


  3. Spock Rock



    Fellas! Looking to find a bitch? Nevermind Bootsy Bellows, all that hot YUNG puss be at Whole Foods!


  5. Sorry, Ma. #JewsforYEEZUS


  6. don’t mind me, just bleeding out of my fucking head. 


  7. It may comfort my old readers to learn that at 28 years old, I still get the feelies for K Stew.

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  8. with a week or so left in the year, this instrumental is just what I needed. I love @clammyclams 


  9. FYI - nothing makes my pussy wet like 90’s era Cirque Du Soleil.